Chromatography Equipment & Supplies


GC Instruments

thermal desorber for gcNew HandyTD

Manual thermal desorption for Gas Chromatography.

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LC Pumps

small pumpNew peristaltic or roller pump.

Only 65mm high.
Made by FLOM,
part of GL Sciences.

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New Mixed-Mode Column

mixed mode columnNew Mixed Mode column;

Inertsustain AX-C18.

Date April 2021.

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OPTIC-4 Multi Mode Inlet

OPTIC-4 Multi Mode Inlet for GC

Upgrade your GC with the world’s most powerful GC inlet. Compatible with any GC. Techniques like pyrolysis, on-column, Large Volume injections, cold injections, cold splitless and split etc.

automatic liner exchanger

LINEX, Automatic Liner Exchanger

Used for Direct (in-injector) Thermal Desorbtion, sample introduction of both solid and liquid samples. Based on PAL3 and OPTIC MMI.

Cryotrap for GC

CryoFocus-4, GC coldtrap

Cryogenic cold trapping is frequently used for narrowing the chromatographic band and improving the detection limit.

GC-O, sniffer

PHASER Pro, GC-Olfactory

Use the human nose as a detector for aroma/mal-odour components.

PAL System

PAL3, Multi Mode Autosampler

PAL3 automation platform, the most flexible sample prep and injection system. Automated SPME Arrow, the better SPME.

flom lc pumps

FLOM, LC Pumps, valves, degassers

Flom (part of GL Sciences), is a manufacturer of HPLC and UHPLC components.