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Supplier of the worlds’ most flexible inlet for Gas Chromatography.

Manufacturer of advanced laboratory sample handling and introduction technology for Gas Chromatography and the European distribution centre for GL Sciences Japan.

We are specialized in development and manufacturing of high performance analytical instrumentation for gas chromatography systems. We are known from the OPTIC High Performance Multi Mode Inlet for gas chromatography. With our system you can handle many different types of GC (Gas Chromatography) injections.

OPTIC MultiMode Inlet for GC liner exchanger for gas chromatography gc-o gc cold trap

sample preparation fraction collector for gas chromatography lc columns including Inertsil ods-3 gas chromatography columns

LC Columns and GC Columns from GL Sciences Japan.

GL Sciences Japan is the producer of Inertsil ODS HPLC columns. The most famous version is the Inertsil ODS-3 HPLC column. Other products from GL Sciences Japan are a wide range of SPE products and columns for Gas Chromatography. The distribution in Europe of all instruments and consumables produced by our mother company in Japan will go via our office in The Netherlands. We keep stock of many items for Gas Chromatography, SPE and Liquid Chromatography.

Accessories for Gas Chromatography

We supply the world smallest gas leak detector for gas chromatography, a flowmeter, gas sampling bags, gas filters and many more.

Parts and Components for Liquid Chromatography

GL Sciences has purchased the company hplc parts in 2017, FLOM is a frontrunner in HPLC and UHPLC components by supplying the essential valves, degassing units, and pumps used in all high-speed liquid chromatography systems.
small degasser for HPLC small pomp for HPLC small valve unit for HPLC