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How can I optimize my Large Volume Injection (LVI) ?
Can the industry-standard (¼-inch (6.4 mm) o.d. x 3½-inch (89 mm) long) sorbent tubes be used with OPTIC?
Can I do On-Column with OPTIC?
Can I use metal ferrules with the OPTIC inlet?
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Pyrolysis with OPTIC
Is the ramp rate of 60°C/sec fast enough to perform pyrolysis?
Is it possible to make an EGA thermogram with OPTIC?
Is it possible to introduce a liquid sample?
Why should I buy an OPTIC pyrolyzer and not a conventional pyrolyser?
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What is the difference between; 'LINEX-Liquid Injection' and 'LINEX' method?
What syringe can be used in the PAL3 LINEX-2 Tool?
Leak at the head of the LINEX / head does not close fully.
How can I work with an internal standard and TD tubes?
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Can the Olfactory Voicegram Software work with MS?
Tubes to the bubbling bottle, how to connect.
My transfer line isn’t heating.
How to setup the flows and capillaries with MS detector
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