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How can I optimize my Large Volume Injection (LVI) ?
Can the industry-standard (¼-inch (6.4 mm) o.d. x 3½-inch (89 mm) long) sorbent tubes be used with OPTIC?
Can I do On-Column with OPTIC?
Evolution Workstation has stopped working. error. Error "left axis".
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Pyrolysis with OPTIC
Is the ramp rate of 60°C/sec fast enough to perform pyrolysis?
Is it possible to make an EGA thermogram with OPTIC?
Is it possible to introduce a liquid sample?
Why should I buy an OPTIC pyrolyzer and not a conventional pyrolyser?
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What is the difference between; 'LINEX-Liquid Injection' and 'LINEX' method?
Leak at the head of the LINEX / head does not close fully.
What syringe can be used in the PAL3 LINEX-2 Tool?
How can I work with an internal standard and TD tubes?
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Can the Olfactory Voicegram Software work with MS?
Tubes to the bubbling bottle, how to connect.
How to setup the flows and capillaries with MS detector
Can I get the latest version of the Split Manager Software?
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