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Can I do On-Column with OPTIC?


The OPTIC inlet can also be used for on-column injections. GL Sciences has designed a tool that enables true on-column injection using OPTIC inlet without an on-column liner. The on-column tool is very easy to install without any press fit connection. The syringe needle (gauge 26) goes really into the retention gap where the injection takes place.

You need: 2406-4164 OPTIC on-column tool kit

It includes:
Deactivated F. S. Capillary Tube 10m 0.530I.D. x 0.660O.D.
10 ul Syringe, Cone Tip for PAL, gauge 26s
OPTIC Graphite Ferrule for 0.53 mm ID Column, pk/10
OPTIC Non-stick O-ring Viton, plasma treated, pk/10
Inlet Bottom Nut, pk/1
OPTIC On-Column Tool
SilTite Micro Union 0.1-0.25 mm ID to 0.53 mm ID Columns
This is how it looks like:
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