Can the Merlin Microseal be used with the OPTIC?

Yes, the Merlin Microseal Septum fits standard on the OPTIC 3 and 4. It's however important to use it with the correct needle gauge, and do not over tight the injector nut. The needle gauge should be 23 and the point of the needle should be a blunt-tip (conical). Please read the Merlin Microseal manual before use. Now also available for SPME and SPME Arrow.


Merlin Microseal
The Merlin Microseal is a long-life replacement for the standard septum used in Gas Chromatography. High pressure capability and resistance to wear make it the most unique septum on the market today. The Microseal fits standard in the OPTIC-4 inlet without modification. 


Part Number:   410    High-Pressure Merlin Microseal
Part Number:   1100   Microseal for 1.1 mm SPME Arrow probes
Part Number:   1500   Microseal for 1.5 mm SPME Arrow probes
Part Number:   21-01   Microseal for SPME probes
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