I have a standard OPTIC-4S and I want to make a liquid pyrolysis of a polymer, is that possible?

Yes, with all versions of the OPTIC-4 it is possible to make a liquid pyrolysis. All you need is the correct liner and OPTIC method to perform a pyrolysis. There is no extra hardware needed.

The following liners can be use for pyrolysis:

P/No: 2414-1001, Fritted liner, frit on 15 mm

P/No: 2414-1011, Fritted liner on 20 mm with single taper

P/No: 2414-1007, Sintered glass liner with taper

P/No: 2414-1013, DMI Tapered Liner   -   combined with P/No: 2406-1010 or 2406-1020, DMI Sample Insert