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How often do I need to replace the Split Line Filter?


The OPTIC-3 and OPTIC-4 have a filter in the Split liner to protect the Electronic Gas Control.

This filter needs to be replaced minimum once per year, but if you run very dirty samples you must replace it once every 6 months.

Replacing the filter on time will help to keep the instrument working without getting problems with the pressure/flow regulation.

The filter can be found on the back of the OPTIC controller.


  • Remove the U-type tube connecting filter to the Gas Control (use 2 spanners).
  • The filter can now be unscrewed from the Gas Control.
  • Manually put the new filter in the gas control and screw it by hand till it is fixed hand-tight. Now turn it 1/4 with a spanner. (take care not to over-tighten the filter !!)
  • Re-install the U-type tube back. (use 2 spanners and make sure that the filter will not be overtightened)!


2406-4025 OPTIC-4 Split Line Filter Assembly     

H200050A OPTIC-3 Split Line Filter Assemby     

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