Leak at the head of the LINEX / head does not close fully.

Never test a leak with a soap solution like Snoopy. Always use an electronic leak detector like our LD239.


Check also finding leaks for the OPTIC


Please make sure that the Air pressure supplied to the LINEX control box is 5.5 BAR and maximum 7 BAR.

- Place a new septum at the LINEX head and make sure that the nut is tightened just enough and do not over-tighten it. 

- When a packed liner is used and a wrong method was used with the OPTIC it is possible that the packing of the liner is blown out and this causes a leak in the LINEX head. Please use a LINEX Method in Evolution Workstation or when an Expert Method is used make sure that 'Zero LINEX Head Pressure' is set to Yes. (see also this)

- Check that the LINEX head is mounted correct on the inlet. First check that the plate at the head is mounted flat (blue arrows).

Also check that the 3 screws (red arrows) are tight and the head does not move. (Use Allen key 1.5mm supplied with the unit)



- We have seen with some LINEX systems that the head doesn't close fully. This happend with systems that has been used with many samples and no maintenance was done.

The problem found is a leak at the head of the LINEX close to the liner o-ring. When the LINEX head is pushed downwards by hand it stops leaking. This problem is related to the plastic bushing of the LINEX head. The plastic bushing needs to be replaced.


  • Unscrew 2 screws on top of the LINEX head.
  • Take out the cam part shifting it up.
  • Use cotton wool buds moistened with solvent (e.g. acetone) to remove any deposits from the channel walls of the cam slit.Replace the white plastic bushing from the shaft on the LINEX top for a new one.
  • Put a bit of machine oil (e. g. multi-purpose synthetic lubricant oil, p/no 2411-2105) on of the shaft. Place the bushing onto the shaft and put a bit of oil onto the bushing surface.
  • Re-assemble the head.

P/No 2411-2105 lubricant oil

P/No 2411-2001 LINEX Bushing


Always use 2 spanners (1/4 inch) when removing or fixing the peek tubing connections from the LINEX head!!


Hold the back spanner in position and only rotate the front spanner.

If the coupling cannot be made leak free or if it is broken you need a new coupling: 2411-2045 Fitting for 1/16 in. OD Tube, M3, pk/1