Why should I buy an OPTIC pyrolyzer and not a conventional pyrolyser?

The OPTIC-4 inlet can go to 600°C and since 2021 there is a special version OPTIC-4 that can reach 700°C. Automation of pyrolysis is done with the CTC PAL systems and can be done for both solid and liquid samples.  Only with liquid injections, quantitative pyrolysis is possible. The OPTIC pyrolysis can be done without any extra hardware and there is no extra insert for higher temperatures needed.


What you need:


- one of the OPTIC versions

- installation kit depending on GC type


P/No: 2414-1013, DMI Tapered Liner

P/No: 2406-1010, DMI Sample Insert

For 700°C:

P/No: 2414-1018, Quartz DMI Liner

P/No: 2406-1010, DMI Sample Insert

For sample handling:

P/No: 2406-2290, Micro-vial and liner block

P/No: 2411-2440, Micro-Vial sample block