Is LINEX available for PAL3 (or Shimadzu AOC6000)?

Yes, we have LINEX-2 for the PAL3.

The LINEX is fully integrated in the PAL3 starting from PAL firmware version 2.3.


The following versions are avialble:

2411-3013 LINEX-2/TD Liner Exchanger for OPTIC-4 and PAL3
2411-3014 LINEX-2/DMI Liner Exchanger for OPTIC-4 and PAL3
2411-3012 LINEX-2 Capping-Decapping Station, PAL3 version
2411-3019 LINEX-2 1/4 inch Liner Exchanger for OPTIC-4, PAL3 version (80 and 120 cm PAL)
2411-3020 LINEX-2 1/4 inch Liner Capping-Decapping Station, PAL3 version