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Can the Olfactory Voicegram Software work with MS?


Yes the PHASER Olfactory Voicegram Software can import .cds files. So to work with MS chromatograms it is needed to export the chromatogram from the MS data handling software to a .cds file. This .cds file can be imported into the Olfactory Voicegram Software.

When a FID is used, the analog output signal from the GC is used and the analog to digital box supplied with the PHASER Olfactory Voicegram Software will import the analog signal into the Olfactory Voicegram Software.

The PHASER Olfactory Voicegram Software is not supplied with all instruments.


Please take care! Do not remove the Aux flow to the X-piece, the MS will give strange peaks and the autotune will not work. Always keep the Aux gas flowing.


Part number: G300023, GC Sniffing Port (100 cm transfer line) with voice recognition and recording software.
Part number: G300017, Voice Recognition Software for PHASER


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