My Split line is blocked very fast, what can I do?

When very dirty samples are used it could be that the Split line of the OPTIC inlet gets blocked or partially blocked. When column backflushing is used this problem can be bigger.

To reduce the problem it is possible to install an 'OPTIC Inlet Split Line Buffer' this empty buffer will collect the dirt and a blocked Split line is reduced. The Buffer should be installed close to the inlet at a place where it is easy to handle. (just cut the split line and install the Buffer.)  


P/No: 2406-4172 OPTIC  Inlet Split Line Buffer  


How to clean the Split line:

  • Switch the control unit off.
  • Remove the column and liner. Leave the top of the inlet open.
  • Locate the Split line and follow this from the Inlet till a coupling is found. Undo the coupling.
  • Position a large beaker under the open inlet body to collect waste.
  • Flush the Split line from the coupling to the inlet with Acetone, use a micro-syringe to inject into the Split line from the coupling. The Acetone should come out at the top of the inlet body.
  • Allow the solvent to evaporate.
  • A heat gun can be used to clean and dry the Split line.
  • Reconnect the Split line coupling, make sure to have an Aluminum Packing placed in the coupling (2406-2056).
  • Clean the inlet body as described here.