CryoTrap cannot reach low setpoint

If the cryotrap cannot reach the low setpoint it could be related to:

LN2 version;

- Pressure in the Dewar is not high enough. (should be 1.5 BAR)

- Dewar is empty.

- The supply tubing was bent too many times, is too long or the ID is too small. ( Use as in the User Guide. page E 1.)

- Lowest temperature can be -150°C.


CO2 version;

- It could be that the restriction tube is blocked and needs to be replaced. See page E 2 of the User Guide.

- Also make sure that the setup is exactly like in the user guide on page E 2. (position of valve and tubings can make a big difference) 

P/No. 2406-2608 1/16 inch SS tube x 0.25mm x 230mm  .

- Bad electrical valve.

P/No: 2406-4307 CO2 Cryogenic Solenoid Valve Assembly 

- Lowest temperature can be -50°C.