I have unstable flows and pressure, what could this be?

- Most common error is a leak. Replace the septa and check for leaks. Also replace the ferrule and install the column.

- Check if column parameters are set correctly. (done in the configuration menu)

- Check the split line filter, please replace it for a new one. 

OPTIC-4; 2406-4025 OPTIC-4 Split Line Filter Assembly       
OPTIC-3; H200050A OPTIC-3 Split Line Charcoal Filter Assy       

- Check if pressure to the OPTIC from the bottle is enough (4 - 6 BAR) 

- With a LINEX check if the AIR supply pressure is 5 - 6 BAR.

How to check for leaks when you have OPTIC-3

How to check for leaks when you have OPTIC-4



To understand if the Split Line Filter or Split Line is partially blocked try the following: Set the OPTIC into Standby, set a high column flow (4 ml/min) wait for the unit to reach the setpoint. Next reduce the column flow back to 1 ml/min with a split flow of 100 ml/min. The 1 ml/min should be reached fast, if this takes a long time, most likely the split line or filter is dirty.