Is is possible to make a Double Shot Pyrolysis with OPTIC?

Pyrolysis GC/MS analysis is an hyphenated analytical technique which can be applied for insoluble materials such as paint particles, rubbers, polymers, resins, adhesives, …

The material is thermally cracked at elevated temperature (400-600°C) in absence of oxygen.  The volatile pyrolysis products are transferred to a GC/MS apparatus for separation and identification.


Pyrolysis with OPTIC it is possible to work in a double injection mode.  Thermal desorption at moderate temperature (100-300°C) is first carried out to analyse additives as plasticisers, rest solvents, additives and low molecular weight components.  This step can be considered as a thermal extraction.  Subsequently the pyrolysis experiment is performed at elevated temperature for complete thermal decomposition of the matrix.