My transfer line isn’t heating.

If the transfer line does not heat anymore most likely the heater is broken.

By measuring the resistance of the heater it is possible to understand if the heater is broken or not. You need a multimeter to check this. Remove the transfer line plug from the back of the controller and measure inside the plug:

Between Pin 1 and Pin 2 the heater is connected; the resistance should be around 144 Ohm.

Between Pin 3 and Pin 4 the sensor is connected; the resistance is about 2 - 3 Ohm.


If the heater or sensor doesn't give the correct value (Ohm), the transfer line needs to be replaced.

P/No: 2702-18655 Phaser Transfer Line AC240V L=650mm   

P/No: 2702-18656 Phaser Transfer Line AC240V L=1000mm