Do I need Peltier cooling with the OPTIC inlet?

The OPTIC inlet is standard supplied with Air cooling. The Air cooling of the OPTIC is very fast because the OPTIC inlet has a very low thermal mass. The Air cooling can be used to cool the inlet till a temperature of about 30°C depending on the GC oven temperature and environmental temperature. In general it is easy to reach 45°C for the OPTIC inlet with Air cooling and the 45°C is reached very fast.

When inlet temperatures below 40°C are needed is is better to use a Peltier cooler or a Cryogenic solution. With the OPTIC Peltier cooler a temperature of 7°C can be reached. When the LN2 cooling option is used it is possible to reach -150°C and with LCO2 a temperature of -60°C.

diagram of OPTIC setup with Peltier cooler.


Part Number: 2406-4180 OPTIC Peltier Inlet Cooler Kit
Part Number: 2406-4159 OPTIC-4 Inlet Cooling Kit, Direct LN2
Part Number: 2406-4160 OPTIC-4 Inlet Cooling Kit, Direct CO2