What Dewar is needed for the CryoTrap when using LN2?

For good operation of the CryoTrap a Dewar with a pressure of 1.5 BAR is needed. Our advise is to use minimum a Dewar with a volume of 70 Liters. (better with more volume). The consumption of the Cryotrap is about 1 liter per run.

One of the suppliers is Taylor-Wharton (Series XL 70 to XL 240), see picture. But there are also other suppliers. 

We supply a coupling that will fit onto an CGA295. So make sure that the Dewer outlet has an CGA295 coupling.

Also supplied is a copper tubing of 2 meter (with isolation), this is the tube between the Dewar and the Trap. Longer tubes will not work well, so please keep 2 meter or shorter.