I have an OPTIC-4SC (cryotrap version) and I like to use some methods without the cryotrap, how can I do this?

The OPTIC-4 has many version and can also be supplied with a cryotrap in the oven. When the trap is not needed in your method it is the easiest to remove this from the configuration in the software (no hardware change).

Open Evolution Workstation and click Configuration / System Configuration and remove the cryotrap from the configuration:

In all the methods the cryotrap parameters are gone (even older methods where the trap was used). When the cryotrap is place back in the configuration the methods will have the cryotrap parameters back like before.

The cryotrap hardware can be left in the GC oven. For some applications it is good practice not to have the column in the cryotrap while it is not used as this can give peak broadening.