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MonoSpin Trypsin HP

Desalting Sample using MonoSpin Series

GL Sciences provides many types of sample preparation products. MonoSpin series, which use monolithic technology, suit for small-volume samples as large volume solvent is not required. InertSep series include wide variety of products, silica based columns, polymeric based columns, diatomaceous earth products, other materials and functional filters.

An alternative for 3M Empore™ Disc C18 is our MonoSpin C18 (like desalting of proteins).

Monolithic SPE Columns for Purification and Enrichment of Small Amount Sample

MonoSpin, an SPE column packed with monolithic silica, is an excellent choice for small-volume sample treatment with easy and quick operation by centrifuge.

MonoSpin SPE centrifugal spin columns were developed to improve concentration of small-volume sample preparation.The low-pressure, high-flow, and low-liquid-retention properties of GL Sciences’ monolith silica technology makes it uniquely suited for handling small amount samples.

replacement 3m empore disk