best cryotrap with fast heating

The CryoTrap can be used in combination with the OPTIC-4 and will be controlled from the same unit and software. With this combined unit (CryoFocus-4 and OPTIC-4) both the inlet and cold trap are controlled via the Evolution Workstation software that is used with the OPTIC-4.

In the situation that a CryoFocus-4 (only a cold trap) is used we have a different version of Evolution Workstation that is able to control only the cold trap.

Features for our CryoFocus software

  • Standard supplied with every CryoFocus-4
  • Complete status information at any moment during run or standby state
  • Real-time graphical run-time parameters display
  • Easy, on-click analytical method definition and development
  • Automatic generation of a method optimisation sequence
  • Possibility to save the run-time data for run
  • System and method log files
  • Password protection with two access levels
  • USB or LAN interface to the instrument
  • Windows 10 compatibility
  • Integration into Master Lab, Chemstation, MassHunter, Clarity, Analyst, EZChrom and Xcalibur by the Chronos master software
  • Free updates
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