Accessories for GC and GC-MS

column cutter

Capillary Fine Cutter

- Clean, square cuts with a diamond blade.
- Built-in magnifier to verify square cut.
- Use with 0.25mm ID to 0.53mm ID tubing (0.78mm OD maximum).

Part numbers:
3001-31020 Capillary Fine Cutter
3001-31021 Replacement Blade for Capillary Fine Cutter GC/LC

ceramic gc column cutter

Ceramic Capillary GC Column Cutter

Part number:
1010-41100 Ceramic Tube Cutter (set of 4)

Tungsten Carbide Knife

Designed for cutting fused silica capillary tubing with lightweight aluminum handle. The tungsten carbide blade has double-edged sides and is replaceable.

Part number:
3001-24622 Tungsten Carbide Knife