OPTIC-4 GC x GC configuration

With OPTIC-4 and the control software Evolution Workstation it is possible to make a comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography setup.

One inlet, more analytical options

The OPTIC-4 Multi-Mode Inlet is a very versatile instrument, now with version 4.5.2 (or newer) from Evolution Workstation modulation control is available. The OPTIC-4 can be equipped with an auxiliary gas flow or pressure controller and a modulation valve. With this the control of a standard available flow modulator or a home-made flow modulator is possible.

Evolution Workstation has a calculator to understand the flows and pressures needed for a good working flow modulation.

Next to GC Flow Modulation we can also control a Deans’ Switch with the OPTIC-4.

Go to the Evolution Workstation software page for more information.

The latest version of Evolution Workstation can be found here.