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Tri-Fitt Stainless Steel Ultra High Pressure Fittings for UHPLC and HPLC

Our Tri-Fitt fittings for very high pressure UHPLC and HPLC applications that require no leaks at pressures at or above 1400 Bar (20000psi).

The fittings kit is designed with three separate parts that include a Carbon-PEEK ferrule, a stainless steel triangular ferrule and a stainless steel nut. The Carbon PEEK ferrule deforms when the stainless steel nut is tightened and the stainless steel triangular ferrule clamps onto the tubing at the same time to increase the sealing pressure. The fitting can be reused throughout the flow path without losing tightness. Both stainless steel parts are reusable. When tightening the nut the tube turning is very much reduced.

Each kit contains all three parts, is moderately priced and comes in packages of 10 complete kits.

Complete Tri-Fitt kit: Part Number: 9611 (10 pcs)
For 1/16 inch OD tubing, 10-32UNF.

Name: Tri-Fitting Back ferrule Exchange ferrule
Part nr: FLOM-9612 FLOM-9605 FLOM-9606
Material: SUS 316 SUS 316 Carbon Peek
Quantity: 10 10 10

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