Liquid Level Sensor for HPLC

Waste Sensor from FLOM, made in Japan

Liquid Level Sensor

Our safety kit for solvent and waste is an waste overflow indicator for LC systems and alarm system when eluent is too low.
The Sonic Reservoir Sensor SR-13 is a non-contact liquid level sensor using sound.
waste sensor, level sensor
  • Useful to check liquids in both Mobile Phase bottle and waste tank
  • Liquid level displays
  • Alarm sounds when volume is below 10%
  • Simple, one touch connections

lc solvent sensor Always monitor liquid level of the Mobile Phase with non-contact type sensor using sound
liquid sensor on sound Visually easy-to-understand
LED display with 4 step liquid level display
liquid sensor When the amount of liquid reaches 10% remaining, a warning sound is activated. Also an instrument Stop is available.

Liquid amount detection device Product overview

non contact mobile phase sensor Use sound to monitor the amount of liquid in the mobile phase bottle without contact.
hplc solvent sensor Waste liquid Monitor the amount of liquid in the can.
The cap’s thread specification is ”60mm”
waste overflow indicator for HPLC Control unit can give Stop Signal to pump.

Parts can be ordered separately:

Read the LC brochure for more information.

Parts for the SR-13:
FLOM-FD007-502 Solvent Probe
FLOM-FD007-503 Waste Probe
FLOM-FD007-504 Solvent Bottle
FLOM-FD007-505 Waste Tank
FLOM-FD007-506 RS232C Terminal