HPLC columns made in Japan

Inertsil Diol Columns
  • Unique selectivity in both reverse and normal phase modes
  • Analyze sugars with exceptional column lifetime
  • Longer retention than silica in normal phase mode
  • Exhibits normal phase characteristics with water / acetonitrile eluents
  • Analyze amino acids and water soluble vitamins without ion pair eluent modifiers

Diol column
Available in reversed phase mode, normal phase mode and Size Exclusion Chromatography.

Inertsil Diol has characteristics of dihydroxypropyl group bonded phase. It shows unique selectivity in both normal phase mode and reversed phase mode. Inertsil Diol is also available for Size Exclusion Chromatography to separate compounds according to their size.

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    Functional Group
Inertsil Diol

Base Material : 3 Series High Purity Silica
Particle Size : 3, 5 µm
Surface Area : 450 m²/g
Pore Size : 100 Å (10 nm)
Pore Volume : 1.05 mL/g
Functional Group      : Diol
End-capping : None
Carbon Loading : 20.0 %
USP Code : L20
pH Range : 2 - 7.5
I.D. : 0.05 - 50 mm