HPLC columns made in Japan

Inertsil WP300 Silica Columns
  • Unique selectivity in both reverse and normal phase modes
  • Does not lead to anomer resolution in sugar analysis
  • Analyze sugars with exceptional column lifetime
  • Exceptional reproducibility for an amino phase
  • Low operating pressures even in highly aqueous conditions

Ultra Pure Silica gel with pore size 300Å.

Inertsil WP300 SIL is pure Silica gel phase with wide pores(300Å). It is available for analysing compounds including large molecules. Also, as the surface are is smaller, Inertsil WP300 SIL elutes analytes faster than narrow-pore pure Silica gel columns.

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    Functional Group
Pure Silica Column

Base Material : WP300 Series High Purity Silica
Particle Size : 5 µm
Surface Area : 150 m²/g
Pore Size : 300 Å (30 nm)
Pore Volume : 1.05 mL/g
Functional Group      : None
End-capping : None
Carbon Loading : None
USP Code : L3
pH Range : 2 - 7.5
I.D. : 0.05 - 50 mm