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InertSustain Cyano Column

  • Endlessly reproducible from column-to-column and batch-to-batch
  • Highly recommended for all pharmacopeia methods requiring a Cyano phase to be used (like USP L10)
  • Highly inert packing material results in less tailing of peaks for virtually any type of analytes
  • A new selectivity option for method development due to the multiple retention mechanisms
  • Originally shipped in reversed-phase solvents and is ready to use for reversed-phase methods
  • Can be used for both reversed-phase separations as well as normal-phase separations

The Most Reliable and Reproducible Cyano Column.

GL Sciences developed new Silica gel "Evolved Surface Silica” for InertSustain Series which provides both high inertness and high durability. Inert-and-sustainable InertSustain series HPLC columns are the latest models of GL Sciences and are recommended as the first choice for various purpose.

In general, the stability and reproducibility of the Cyano phase available in the market are poor. Many batch-to-batch or lot-to-lot reproducibility issues are occurring at many laboratories. The InertSustain Cyano columns were developed to resolve these problems and are designed using the most modern LC column technology available providing them to be extremely inert, stable and reproducible. The InertSustain Cyano columns are highly recommended for all pharmacopeia methods requiring a Cyano phase to be used. (Ex: USP L10)

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    Functional Group
inertsustain cyano

Base Material : High Purity ES Silica Gel
Particle Size : 3 µm, 5 µm
Surface Area : 350 m²/g
Pore Size : 100 Å (10 nm)
Pore Volume : 0.85 mL/g
Functional Group      : Cyanopropyl
End-capping : Yes
Carbon Loading : 8.0 %
USP Code : L10
pH Range : 2 - 7.5
I.D. : 0.05 - 20 mm