HPLC columns made in Japan

InertSustain Phenyl Column

  • Superior peak shape with better resolution
  • Wide pH compatibility and high durability
  • Strict quality control program results in high reproducibility
  • Unmatched operating back pressure

GL Sciences developed new Silica gel "Evolved Surface Silica” for InertSustain Series which provides both high inertness and high durability. Inert-and-sustainable InertSustain series HPLC columns are the latest models of GL Sciences and are recommended as the first choice for various purpose.

InertSustain Phenyl delivers an extremely unique reverse phase characteristics that are critical to resolving compounds that could not be separated on a C18 or C8 phase. InertSustain Phenyl provides not only pi-pi interactions, but also hydrogen bonding secondary interactions, which results in retaining polar compounds at the same time. As the phenyl groups are directly bonded to the silica gel, InertSustain Phenyl is compatible with the analysis of structural isomers due to it’s high stereo-selectivity while other alkyl phenyl type columns fails to separate.

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    Functional Group
phenyl column

Base Material : High Purity ES Silica Gel
Particle Size : 2 µm, 3 µm, 5 µm
Surface Area : 350 m²/g
Pore Size : 100 Å (10 nm)
Pore Volume : 0.85 mL/g
Functional Group      : Phenyl
End-capping : None
Carbon Loading : 10.0 %
USP Code : L11
pH Range : 2 - 7.5
I.D. : 0.05 - 20 mm