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InertMask liner deactivation

InertMask™: ultra inert GC liners

Together with GL Sciences Japan we have developed our own deactivation process for gas chromatography inlet liners. The result; the InertMask liner deactivation process; liners treated with this results in very inert liners which are especially suited for the analysis of pesticides or polar compounds. Both acidic and basic compounds have strong responses and excellent peak shapes when deactivated with InertMask.

For example, sinter-bed liners treated with the InertMask liner deactivation were used in combination with the QuEChERS method and large volume injections. It resulted in good peak shapes and no breakdown of pesticides (for example p,p DDT and Endrin) was seen.

Some data with our deactivated liners.

The following deactivated liners are available:

P/No: 2414-1002, Fritted liner, frit on 15 mm, silanized
P/No: 2414-1006, Empty liner for splitless injections, silanized
P/No: 2414-1008, Sintered glass liner with taper for large volume injections, silanized
P/No: 2414-1014, DMI Tapered Liner, silanized