LINEX LINer EXchanger

Capping / Decapping Station for LINEX

In many cases the GC injector liner should be sealed (capped) from both sides to either protect the sample, placed or collected into the liner, from deteriorating influence of the environment or keep the liner clean after conditioning. The liner should than be de-capped just before it is placed into the GC injection port. The GL Sciences Capping-De-Capping (CDC) Station is designed to automate this procedure.
The CDC is an option of the automatic liner exchanger (LINEX) system.

There are 2 versions available, one for the standard liners: 5 x 81 mm and one for TD tubes of 1/4 x 3.5 inch

2411-3012 LINEX-2 Capping-Decapping Station, PAL3 version
2411-3020 LINEX-2 1/4 x 3.5 inch Liner / TD tube Capping-Decapping Station, PAL3 version

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