Automatic LINer EXchanger

liner exchanger



DMI or DSI; Difficult Matrix Introduction

GC analysis of dirty sample extracts and even row samples is now possible with Difficult Matrix Introduction. No expensive and time consuming cleanup is required with this technique.

pal rtc with liner exchanger DMI is based on the patented Direct Sample Introduction (DSI) technique*. It enables sample introduction into GC column to be performed from a disposable container (microvial) placed inside the inlet liner. This has a great advantage over traditional injection because large volumes (up to 30 or 60 µl) of dirty sample extracts or even row samples can be introduced directly into GC or GC/MS. Using the principle of selective exclusion, the volatiles and semi-volatiles are transferred onto the column, while non-volatile residues are retained in the microvial, which is disposed after analysis.

Check manual DMI analysis of ink ondmi example

DMI steps:
DMI sample introduction for gas chromatography

* A. Amirav and S. Dagan, Eur. Mass Spectr., 1997, 3, 105-111.