LINEX LINer EXchanger

Thermal Desorption Solution with OPTIC and LINEX

Simple, flexible and very reliable

The OPTIC-4 is a multifunctional injector for any kind of liquid injections but it is also designed for direct thermal desorption (TD) of volatiles and semi-volatiles from solid samples or desorption tubes.

The inlet functions as the thermal desorption unit, it can be cooled down (-150 °C) and heated up to 600 °C and when necessary the split exit can be used to remove solvent, water or other contamination to protect the column. After the desorption, the compounds can be trapped on the column using the cryo trap. Because the desorption happens on top of the column, both the volatiles and heavy compounds are transferred much better to the column.

The cryo-trap is installed in the GC-oven and the compounds are trapped in the analytical column. Trapping compounds directly in the column results in very narrow bands and thus lower detection limits.

Automation of the OPTIC-4 TDS can be performed using the LINEX system. Also automated TDS using capped tubes is possible using the GL Sciences capping/decapping system.

The thermal desorption system is available for the standard OPTIC liners and also or the ¼ inch x 3½ inch TD tubes. Both versions can be automated with CTC PAL-2 and PAL-3.
Strong points for OPTIC TDS
  • No valves or transfer lines in flow path
  • No cold spots in the whole GC-system
  • Narrow peak band, very low detection limits
  • Flexible system, no different system configuration
  • Improved extraction efficiency
  • Direct thermal desorption of solid samples
  • Direct thermal desorption of sample tubes
  • Can be installed on every GC system
  • Simple to automate
  • OPTIC-4 TDS can be cooled during analysis
  • Liquid injection can be done for internal standard
  • Programmable for 9 thermal desorption steps during analysis
  • Also available for 3.5" ✗ ¼" thermal desorption tubes. Metal and Glass.

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