poster ISCC 2011

MEPS online SPE for PAL Systems

meps syringe
SGE Analytical Science introduced the new MEPS option (Micro Extraction by Packed Sorbent) for the CTC PAL autosamplers. MEPS is the miniaturization of conventional SPE packed bed devices from milliliter bed volumes to microliter volumes. The MEPS approach to sample preparation is suitable for reversed phases, normal phases, mixed mode or ion exchange chemistries. MEPS is available in a variety of common SPE phases. The cartridge contains the stationary phase, and is built into the syringe needle. With a typical void volume of a few µL, the MEPS elution is compatible with GC and LC inlets making it ideal for automated on-line SPE on the CTC PAL platform.

This technique works very well in combination with Large Volume Injections (LVI) on the OPTIC injector. The LVI makes the total setup very robust en easy to work with. MEPS coupled on-line to in-liner derivatisation GC-MS has been published as well.