HPLC columns made in Japan

Available PEEK columns from GL Sciences, made in Japan.

UHPLC-PEEK Columns (Particle size under 3 µm)
Generally, conventional PEEK hardware is tolerable up to a back pressure of 20 MPa. The mechanical strength of PEEK is far less than stainless steel and the durability to be very low as well. As illustrated below, the introduction of a radically new Steel-Coated-PEEK hardware offer maximum operating pressure of 80 MPa for sub-2 µm columns achieving rapid analysis for analytes sensitive to frequently used stainless steel columns
PEEK HPLC Column with stainless steel
  Material Wetted Part — PEEK
Outer Part — Stainless Steel
  Particel Sizes 1.9 µm, 2 µm, 3 µm
  Max. Operating Pressure 80 MPa (1.9 µm, 2 µm), 50 MPa (3 µm)

PEEK Columns (particle size: 5 µm)
Not only the hardware, but the frits are also made from PEEK, which the sample contacts only PEEK.

lc peek column
  Material All PEEK
  Particel Sizes 5 µm
  Max. Operating Pressure 20 MPa (200 bar)