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MonoCap C18 HighResolution Ultra 2000


MonoCapTM High Resolution

The High Resolution Ultra type deliver over 300,000 plates. The Fast-flow type is compatible with high flow rate analysis due to its’ low flow resistance. In addition, the equilibration time can be minimized further by setting the flow rate high. MonoCap Nano-flow is a high-density monolithic capillary column offering extremely high sensitivity in LC/MS due to the optimization of mesopore and throughpore sizes. MonoCap Trap columns have a relatively big throughpore, which are available for on-line preconcentration or desalting of protein and peptide samples prior to HPLC separation with mass spectrometry detection.
monocap column
MonoCap HILIC-UP is an important addition to the MonoCap C18 HighResolution 2000 column series. MonoCap HILIC-UP can retain highly hydrophilic peptides/proteins which may lead to discovering new peptides/proteins where a C18 phase couldn’t identify. In HILIC, the higher the organic concentration, the greater the retention of more polar analytes. One of the biggest benefit of HILIC mode is, a high organic solvent concentration of the mobile phase will lead to a high sensitivity LC-MS/MS analysis.

MonoCap C18 Highresolution Ultra
I.D. (mm) Lenght (mm) Cat.No.
0.1 2000 5020-10018
0.075 2000 5020-10006

HILIC version