HPLC columns made in Japan

MonoSelect RP-mAb Columns

  • Applicability to Rapid Analysis Needed for Multisample Analysis
  • Highly Sensitive Analysis Even with Low Concentration Samples
  • Available for Subunit Analysis

MonoSelect Rp-mAb is a HPLC column specific for monoclonal antibody analysis. Monolithic silica delivers "Strong Retentivity and Low Adsorption”. Sharp peaks can perform even in large molecular protein analysis such like antibodies.

MonoSelect RP-mAb Cartridge with Holder Unit
Description I.D. Length Qty. Cat.No.
MonoSelect RP-mAb Holder Set 2.1mm 20mm 1/pk 5020-10818

MonoSelect RP-mAb Replacement Cartridge
Description I.D. Length Qty. Cat.No.
MonoSelect RP-mAb Cartridge 2.1mm 20mm 1/pk 5020-10819

MonoSelect Holder
Description Length Qty. Cat.No.
MonoSelect Cartridge Holdere for 20mm 1/pk 5020-10815

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Base Material : Highly Pure Monolithic Silica
Through Pore Size : 1 µm
Moso-pore Size : 600Å (60 nm)
Max. Operating Temp. : 80°C
pH Range : 2 - 7.5
Max. Pressure : 40 MPa (400 bar)
Carbon Loading : 2%

MonoSelect RP-mAb brochure

MonoSelect RP-mAb poster