MSD Source Cleaning

MSD Ion Source Cleaning Kit is convenience for GC/MS maintenance.

P/No: 3001-27000 MSD Ion Source Cleaning Kit.
MSD Ion Source Cleaning Kit
Description Qty. Details
  Silicone Point (Silicone Abrasive )   4 pcs each   Used to polish metal surfaces. The tip of the metal rod is made of three sizes of fine-grained abrasives.
  Tweezers   1 pc   The shape of the Tweezers is a convenience for attaching and detaching of filaments.
  Savina Stick   50 pcs each   A cotton swab for cleaning the details which generates less dust, It is excellent in water absorption and chemical resistance. Two types, Tapered and Round types, are included.
  Bamboo Skewer   50 pcs   Used to polish the details.
  Swabbing   40 pcs   Impregnated Alumina Oxide abrasive to polish.
  Big Blower   1 pc   Blowing off the dust
  Glove   1 set   Avoiding contact of the ion source and electronic components with hand oil. Washing for reuse.
  Cleansing Cloth   1 pc   Putting ion sources and other parts on the Cleaning Cloth

ms cource cleaning tip

Description Qty. Part Number:
  Silicon Point HP-M2-13   12pcs   3001-27001
  Silicon Point HP-M2-13S   12pcs   3001-27002
  Silicon Point HP-M2-28   12pcs   3001-27003
  Savina Stick S type   200 pcs   3001-27005
  Savina Stick C type   200 pcs   3001-27006