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New publication with OPTIC:
  • Improving the accuracy of copolymer sequence length determination by pyrolysis gas chromatography: A comprehensive study
    Many industrial polymers which find application in contemporary materials are copolymers. Copolymers feature multiple distributions, that govern their physical properties, including the sequence distribution. Styrene-acrylate copolymers are an important class of polymers, their monomer sequence is typically determined by 13C NMR which suffers from low sensitivity and spectral resolution. A series of studies have shown that Py-GC can be applied to determine the sequence length of copolymers. The accuracy of the trimer assignments and the appropriate calibration approaches yielding reliable data have however not yet been validated. In the present study we propose a comprehensive workflow to ensure the accuracy of the sequence determination by Py-GC, next to NMR. In-depth analysis of the trimers observed in the Py-GC pyrograms of model styrene-acrylate copolymers was performed and specific MS fragments relating to the trimer sequence were assigned. A comparison of a series of copolymers yielded reliable assignments for the trimer signals. The obtained sequence lengths were in agreement with those calibrated with the benchmark method, 13C NMR. Py-GC was found to consistently underestimate the acrylate sequence length. Py-GC calibration with 13C NMR was thus found to be indispensable for the accurate absolute quantification of the sequence length by Py-GC. The calculated randomness did not vary significantly after NMR calibration, indicating that NMR calibration might not be required in all cases to obtain (relative) information on the sequence of a copolymer.

    New application work:
    Improved characterisation of materials using pyrolysis with GC×GC and BenchTOF2 MS
    New solution:
    New application notes:
    Pyrolysis of a PTFE Sample.
    Pyrolysis of a Polyamide Sample.

    New poster.
    Combining GC with MS and Olfactory Detection for a Variety of Food, Flavor, and Fragrance Analyses

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    pyrolysis GCMS of car tyre
    New application note:
    Pyrolysis GCMS of car-tyre rubber.

    New technical information about our InertCap 5MS column.
    [New Product] InertCap 624 for Ethanol is a dedicated column for ethanol analysis specified in pharmacopoeias such as USP, EP and JP. With this column, GL Sciences would like to support stable production of ethanol, which is globally in high demand as a disinfectant. dedicated column for ethanol analysis
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