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Op 3 en 4 oktober 2017 wordt in Utrecht, in de Jaarbeurs, voor de zesde keer Labtechnology georganiseerd. Labtechnology is een 2-daagse vakbeurs, gecombineerd met een (wetenschappelijk) congres. Nieuw dit jaar is het Single Use Event, dit vindt plaats op 4 oktober.

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HUPO 2017


Breakfast Seminar at HUPO 2017

Date: 18 Sep, 2017
Time: 7:00 till 9:00 AM
Place: The Spencer Hotel (
Room : Pegasus 1

Guest Speakers:

Title1: Advances in Human Proteome and Phosphoproteome Analysis Using Meter-scale Monolithic Silica Columns

Professor Yasushi Ishihama
Department of Molecular & Cellular Bioanalysis
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kyoto University, Japan

Title2: Quantitative Deep Proteome Analysis Using a Meter-scale Monolithic Silica Column

Dr. Koshi Imami
Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, Germany

Free continental breakfast and fresh juices, freshly brewed coffee and teas will be served in the room. Attendance is free, but seating is limited!

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change in hardware

Change in hardware for some HPLC columns. (April 2017)

hplc2017 prague

Visit our booth number 20 during HPLC 2017.

td tool Thermal Desorption calibration curve creation tool

This tool can be used to load sample or standards onto a thermal desorption tube.
It is compatible with standard OPTIC liners and 1/4 inch TD tubes with different lengths.

Part Number: 2406-6021 Thermal Desorption calibration curve creation tool

bio sample preparation products download here.

Learn a new technique on how to efficiently enrich and purify singly and multiply phosphorylated peptides from a single titanium dioxide microcolumn using a novel protocol coupled with meter-scale monolithic silica capillary columns.

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New product:
gl tip for peptides   GL-Tip SCX and GL-Tip SDB-SCX
Spin Tips for Peptide Fractionation.

Visit our booth no. 6
The 40th International Symposium on Capillary Chromatography (ISCC), the premier meeting for pressure and electrodriven microcolumn separations and related techniques, will be held May 29 - June 03, 2016 in the Congress Centre, Riva del Garda, Italy.
Visit our booth A1.229B

New Publication with OPTIC
On the applicability of comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography combined with a fast-scanning quadrupole mass spectrometer for untargeted large-scale metabolomics

Christoph H. Weinert, Björn Egert, Sabine E. Kulling     Journal of Chromatography A: 1405 (2015) 156-167
Poster @ HPLC2015;
Effect of column hardware and packing material on rapid and highly sensitive LC analysis.

Download the poster here.

Monolithic silica capillary HPLC column
New available:
MonoCap High Resolution 2000 is a 2 meter length monolithic silica capillary HPLC column which is designed for identifying extremely high number of peptides/proteins for proteome research via LC-MS/MS.
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New OPTIC liner non-stick O-ring
The new O-rings are plasma treated for a non-stick, contaminant-free surface that won't stick to the inlet metal surface creating unnecessary inlet maintenance. The plasma treatment also has a positive effect of removing background impurities from the surface of the O-rings.

2406-1018 OPTIC non-stick O-ring Viton®, plasma treated, pk/10

New HPLC Column; InertSustain Bio
- Radically new type of Silica
- Separation of compounds from small to large molecules
- A radically new PEEK-coated-Steel Hardware preventing adsorption of peaks
- Suitable for analyzing Phosphate compounds WITHOUT the formation of phosphate-iron complexes found with stainless steel columns
- Extreme resistance to low and high pH mobile phases
- Endlessly reproducible from column-to-column and batch-to-batch for consistent results
New HPLC Column; InertSustainSwift
- Newly Developed Evolved Surface (ES) Silica Gel
- Superior peak shape with better resolution
- Wide pH compatibility and high durability
- Strict quality control program results in high reproducibility
- Unmatched operating back pressure
- Shorter retention times
- Fast HPLC
April 2014;
We have changed our name from ATAS GL International B.V. to GL Sciences B.V.