OPTIC-4 Multi Mode Inlet

OPTIC-4 Software

Evolution Workstation

Evolution Workstation offers state of the art OPTIC inlet control in a user-friendly way. Based on years of experience it extends OPTIC-4 features and optimizes the analytical output.

Features for our Multi Mode Inlet software
  • Standard supplied with every OPTIC-4
  • Complete status information at any moment during run or standby state
  • Real-time graphical run-time parameters display
  • Multiple columns configuration can be set
  • Easy, on-click analytical method definition and development
  • Automatic generation of a method optimisation sequence
  • Possibility to save the run-time data for every injection
  • Direct control of the instrument in standby state
  • Up to 9 steps for both pressure or flow programming
  • System and method log files
  • Password protection with two access levels
  • Build in column flow/pressure calculator
  • Modulator control for GCxGC
  • Deans’ Switch control
  • USB or LAN interface to the instrument
  • Windows 10 compatibility
  • Integration into Master Lab, Chemstation, MassHunter, Clarity, Analyst, EZChrom and Xcalibur by the Chronos master software
  • Integration into Shimadzu GCMS Solution (contact Shimadzu)
  • Integration into MassHunter is available as an option
  • Free updates
       status window
Status View
       method window
Method Window
       2 columns
2 Columns
       gc flow calculator
Flow Calculator
       GC x GC calculator
GCxGC Calculator

If you like to receive the latest version of the software, just send us an email. The software is free.

Chronos Master software

The Chronos software organises parallel processes for sample preparation with the PAL Systems. This utilises the analysis system to a much greater extent, while observing the time margins of each individual sample preparation. To this is added further strengths of the software: a user-friendly interface minimises the number of parameters which need to be changed depending on context. The relevant values are recorded in tabular form and can be changed by the user, which means that a complete sample list can be generated conveniently in only a few steps. Fixed parameters can be changed as needed in the method editor.

The Evolution Workstation can be integrated into Master Lab, Chemstation, MassHunter, Clarity, Analyst, EZChrom and Xcalibur by the Chronos master software. Linking of further data systems is in process.

Part Number: AS-CC-4110  Chronos Software

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