OPTIC Multimode Inlet


History of OPTIC MultiMode Inlet for any Gas Chromatograph

The OPTIC multi mode inlet for Gas Chromatography is already on the market for many years. The OPTIC 1 was launched in 1992, the control unit was only controlling the temperature of the inlet. This version made already use of the unique direct heating technique.

OPTIC 2 was introduced in 1996 and this injector was one of the first good universal PTV type inlet able to introduce large volume injections onto capillary columns. With the OPTIC 2 the first publications where made of in-injector pyrolysis and automatic liner exchange was also introduced by ATAS GL (now GL Sciences) with OPTIC 2. The OPTIC 2 had its own front pressure regulated gas control. There was also computer software control available as an option.

In 2002 the OPTIC 3 was introduced. Big change is the electronic flow control and the new designed and patented inlet body done with computer modelling at TNO Delft. The new inlet body has a much better temperature profile resulting in better performance for high boilers. In 2003 we also introduced an inlet version that is compatible with the standard 1/4 inch tubes / liners for thermal desorption. In April 2006 we changed the inlet power supply and software resulting in a ramp rate of 30 °C/sec. With the introduction of the OPTIC 3 we also introduced our CryoTrap option.

From April 2011 the OPTIC 3 production was stopped and the OPTIC 3 is replaced by the OPTIC-4. The OPTIC-4 is an improved version of the OPTIC 3. Extra options are made available in the OPTIC-4 software like modulation option, backflush, column flow calculator, multi column configuration etc.

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