OPTIC-4 Multi Mode Inlet

OPTIC Posters

SCM 2019 Multidimensional analysis of lignins, humins and derivatives by Size Exclusion Chromatography x Pyrolysis-GC-MS
EPRW 2018 Highly Sensitive Pesticide Residue Analysis in Food with GC-MS/MS Instrumentation Using Hydrogen as Carrier Gas
ISCC 2016 efficient removal of olefin interferences by on-line liquid-liquid chromatography prior to the gas chromatography determination of mineral oil contamination in vegetable oils
CONFERENCE PAPER JULY 2015 Measuring the sun-tan of pollen grains: Bayesian hierarchical modelling for a new, pollen-based UV-B proxy
ISCC 2014 Fast GC-MS/MS Analysis Of Multicomponent Pesticide Residues (360) In Food Matrix
ISCC 2014 Fast GCMSMS Analysis of 76 VOC Compounds using Headspace-Trap Sampling
ISCC 2014 Rapid isolation of high solute amounts by using an on-line four dimensional preparative system: normal phase-liquid chromatography coupled to Methyl Siloxane-ionic liquid-wax phase gas chromatography
ISCC 2014 The on-line combination of liquid chromatography-large volume injection-comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography triple quad mass spectrometry: a powerful four-dimensional separation-science tool
HTC 2014 Characterisation of lubricant polymers and deposits using an OPTIC-4/SilFlow based thermal desorption/pyrolysis heartcut GC with multiple detection.
ISCC 2012 Detection of biomarkers for the diagnosis of tuberculosis by multidimensional GC-MS
ISCC 2012 Identification and quantification of UV stabilizers in polymers by Pyrolysis GC Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry coupled with Size Exclusion Chromatography
ISCC 2012 determination of saturated-hydrocarbon contamination in baby foods by using on-line liquid-gas chromatography and off-line liquid-comprehensive gas chromatography combined with mass spectrometry
ISCC 2012 Sample preparation and injection techniques in combination with GCMS
Pittcon 2012 GC-MS system equipped with multi-purpose injector
HTC 2012 fast analysis of volatile organic compounds (voc) in water with headspace
ISCC 2011 An automated GC-MS method based on ion-pairing micro-extraction with in-liner derivatisation for the analysis of phenolic acids in plasma
HTC 2010 Finding biomarkers for fast detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in sputum samples using THM-GC-MS
ISCC 2010 Pyrolysis GC-MS methods for studying the composition and dissolution behaviour of co-polymers
ISCC 2010 Thermal characterization of metallic paints and ball point pen inks on paper with a multipurpose PTV injector.
HTC 2008 The Determination of Allergens in Cosmetics using GCXGC(qMS)
HTC 2008 Use of thermochemolysis-GC-MS for detailed characterization of fractions obtained from HPLC separation of sulphonatedlignin
HTC 2008 pyrolysis-gc-ms for studying polymer solubility
Analysis of pesticide residues in agricultural products using automated Liner Exchange Difficult Matrix Introduction (LINEX-DMI) technique coupled to Gas Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS)
ISEO 2010 Automated difficult matrix introduction (DMI) for screening of washing powder with GCMS/Olfactometry
Automated Preparation and Analysis of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters.
Automated Fatty Acid Methyl Ester and Cis/ Trans Methyl Ester Analysis of Fats and Oils.
On- line sample preparation - GC for the determination of the cis/ trans methylester composition of fats and oils.
Miniaturized Automated Matrix Solid Phase Dispersion Extraction for the Preparation of Small Amounts of Solid Samples.
Comperhansive LCxGC and LCxGC-TOF MS for characterisation of edible oils and fats.
Comperhensive LCxGC-TOF MS: a Novel Tool for (trans) Fatty Acid Analysis.
HTC 2006 At-line coupling of enzymic sample pretreatment and LC-GC for the sn-2 position analysis of edible oils and fats.
ISCC 2006 On-line coupled SEC-Pyrolysis-GC-MS for copolymer characterization and additive analysis.

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