oralchroma breath analyser

OralChrom is a breath analyser for 3 major causes of bad breath. The instrument technique is based on gas chromatography using semiconductor gas sensor.
Three major halitosis components are hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, and dimethyl sulfide. The OralChroma measures Volatile Sulfide Components (VSC) in the breath and separates them into the above three components. Oralchroma helps the patient to visualise the problem and evaluate the success of subsequent treatment.

OralChroma measures and classifies the three causal components of halitosis (hydrogen sulphide, methyl mercaptan and dimethyl sulphide), then displays each gas concentration on a PC in nanogram/10ml and ppb (parts per billion) with exceptionally high precision. Easy-to-use, it takes just four minutes to analyse the sample.
The instrument is small, light and portable it can be used in surgeries throughout the practice and requires no specialist knowledge to operate. No gas supply is needed, only electrical power.

Simple breath sampling with a supplied syringe

Software screens
Real time halitosis measurement
Halitosis level judgement
Patient's data history

Setup guide
Operation guide

Measuring time: 4 minutes

Measuring unit: ng/10ml - ppb

Manual sampling with syringe

Sample amount 1.0cc

Patient’s data history

Hydrogen sulfide,
Methyl mercaptan,
Dimethyl sulfide