PAL3 System

PAL3, ITEX Dynamic Headspace

ITEX (In-tube extraction)Dynamic Headspace Tool Purge & Trap sensitivity without the pitfalls of P&T Systems.

Download here the ITEX brochure.

Part No. Description Compatible PAL3
PAL3-SITEX-Kit PAL3 ITEX Tool, including:
1 pc Smart ITEX Syringe 1.3mL (SITEX-1300-T)
2 pc ITEX Trap TENAX TA 80/100 mesh (PAL3-ITEX-Trap-TXTA100)
Compatible with all PAL RTC/PAL RSI models from FW version 2.3. or higher Requires firmware version 3.0 or higher and PAL RTC/PAL RSI Series II for Smart functionality

ITEX Traps
Part No. Description Compatible Tool
PAL3-ITEX-Trap-Carb-S3 PAL3 ITEX Trap Carbosieve SIII - 60/ 80 mesh ITEX
PAL3-ITEX-Trap-Carb1000 PAL3 ITEX Trap Carboxen 1000 - 60/ 80 mesh ITEX
PAL3-ITEX-Trap-CarbC PAL3 ITEX Trap Carbopack - C 80/100 mesh ITEX
PAL3-ITEX-Trap-Mix-1 PAL3 ITEX Trap Mix1 Tenax TA : Carboxen1000 (Bottom: Top - 1: 1) ITEX
PAL3-ITEX-Trap-Mix-2 PAL3 ITEX Trap Mix2 Carbopack C : Carbosieve SIII (Bottom: Top - 2: 1) ITEX
PAL3-ITEX-Trap-Mix-3 PAL3 ITEX Trap Mix3 Tenax GR : Carbosieve SIII (Bottom: Top - 1: 1) ITEX
PAL3-ITEX-Trap-TxGR PAL3 ITEX Trap Tenax GR - 80/100 mesh ITEX
PAL3-ITEX-Trap-TXTA100 PAL3 ITEX Trap Tenax TA 80/100 mesh ITEX

ITEX Syringe
Part No. Description Compatible Tool
SITEX-1300-T Smart ITEX Syringe 1300µl for Tool ITEX, ITEX Trap not included. ITEX