PAL3 System

PAL3 Series II Systems

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PAL3 Series II with Smart technology: process safety through ID chip, reliability and ease of use.

A fast, safe and reliable sample preparation is the key factor for high productivity and reduced costs per sample. PAL3 Series II with Smart technology in combination with Smart consumables provides the required process safety and effectivity. All PAL Certified Smart Consumables are equipped with a unique Smart chip containing parameters, ranges and usage history enabling full traceability of sample preparation down to the syringe and perfectly matched with the PAL3 Series II.

The PAL RTC was developed to maximize productivity in analytical and clinical labs. Robotic Tool Change (RTC) brings sample preparation to a higher level. Every process requires a number of different tools for best performance, e.g. a 10µL syringe for the accurate addition of small volumes followed by the dilution with a 1mL syringe. Robotic Tool Change allows to switch between different tools automatically.

This additional versatility in combination with the large number of available tools enable the design of tailored automation processes.

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