PHASER Pro GC Olfactory Detection Port for GC or GC-MS

GC-O wirth programmable transfer line

The human nose is an incredible detector for aroma/mal-odour components. Gas Chromatography Olfactometry (GC-O) is a bioassay that measures human response to odorants separated by gas chromatography.

The superior sensitivity and selectivity of human olfaction make GC-O a powerful and meaningful tool for flavour chemistry. Head-space sampling, distillation, solvent extraction, solid phase micro extraction (SPME) and our DMI are typical procedures used to introduce samples in a GC-O. Besides providing data about the potency of odorants extracted and separated for samples, GC-O can also be used to study variation in human olfaction or provide testing and training of panellists used in sensory testing. At its best, GC-O, provides industry with a link between chemical data collected from ingredients or products and the sensory and consumer preference data collected from the market place. At the very least GC-O data derived from a product can be used for quality control or the development of value added products.

The PHASER Pro GC-O or GC Olfactometry

The PHASER Pro is the latest edition of the sniffing port. A temperature-programmable transfer line is introduced in this instrument, that can be programmed as the GC oven. This results in a stable split ratio (sniffing flow rate/detector flow rate). Heat stress at the nose and thermal degradation of the compounds are prevented, making it possible to perform olfactory detection with higher accuracy and sensitivity.

The transfer line has been designed in such a way that there are no cold spots along the line. This allows high precision evaluation of odors. High-boiling or adsorptive compounds are not trapped inside the transfer line. The target compounds are obtained without loss.

  • No cold spot gives the possibility to sniff the high boiling compounds.
  • Transfer line is hot till the end
  • Transfer line can be programmed in temperature
  • Maximum 300°C on the transfer line.
  • Protects your nose from drying by adding moist air to sniffing port.
  • Easy to connect the capillary column to the splitter.
  • Sitting down or standing up while sniffing.
  • Compact and easy to install on any GC instrument.
  • SplitManager software standard supplied.
  • Voice recording with replay function.

The PHASER is standard supplied with all capillaries, 4 port microchannel connector, nuts and ferrules and SplitManager software in order to make the installation. Only a GC mounting plate kit is needed.

Part Numbers:
2702-18607 PHASER Pro GC Olfactory Port with SilFlow Splitter, 1000 mm TL
2702-18606 PHASER Pro Voicegram Interface Kit

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GC Olfactory Our sniffer is standard supplied with the SplitManager software and a set of capillaries.

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