Sample Preparation

SPE EZ Cartridge RP-1

syringe SPE filter The EZ Cartridge RP-1 is a new type of solid-phase extraction cartridge comprising a solid-phase membrane in a Luer-compatible housing. Use of Empore membrane technology and a large-diameter design greatly increases the volume and flow rate of sample water passing through the cartridge, significantly reducing sample preparation time. The solid phase consists of methacrylate styrene-divinylbenzene polymers, which recover a considerable proportion of the compounds, such as pesticides, dissolved in the water. This product has a larger liquid passage area than a general solid phase column, and can process up to 5 times faster than a conventional solid phase column. In addition, since sample water can be passed at a maximum of 100 mL / min, the solid-phase extraction operation can be do much faster.

Part Number: 5010-30250 EZ Cartridge RP-1, diameter 25mm, sorbent MA-DVB, 50pcs

EZ Cartridge