Thermal Desorption sampling pump SP209

thermal desorption sample pump

Sampling pump for thermal desorption and DNPH-cartridge

The SP209 series is an atmospheric sampling pump for sucking and collecting chemical substances in the atmosphere into sample tubes (glass or metal tubes filled with a collecting agent) and collecting cartridges.

  • Simultaneous measurement of 2 lines by adopting 2 independent channels
  • Function to maintain the set flow rate even if the suction resistance fluctuates
  • Condition setting / saving, log import function to PC (option)

SP209 can perform two (2) lines sampling at once by two (2) pumps and two (2) mass flow controllers. It also can perform integration of suction and its volume.

There are 2 versions availabe: SP209-100Dual and SP209-1000Dual.
1000 type corresponds to the sampling cartridge which suction resistance can be large different by formaldehyde and VOC by one set (20-1000 mL/min).
100 type is very high accuracy in low flow rate range and suitable for thermal desorption (2-100 mL/min).

The suction capability of pumps is adjusted to be able to perform sampling at stable flow rate since it has a function that setting flow rate is maintained even if suction resistance of trapping materials or cartridge is changed. Especially when sampling is performed in a low flow rate range, the pump`s revolution speed is getting slower, and noise or consumption power can be down.

Model SP209-100Dual SP209-1000Dual
Suction Flow Rate Range 2 ∼ 100 mL/min 20 ∼ 1000 mL/min
Flow Rate Measurement Accuracy 10 ∼ 20 mL/min (within ± 10 %)
21 ∼ 100 mL/min (within ± 5 %)
100 ∼ 200 mL/min (± 10 %)
201 ∼ 1000 mL/min (± 5 %)
Flow Rate Measurement Tolerance ± 1 digit
Setting Items Start Condition: Promptly, After setting time, Real time
End Condition: After setting time, after reaching to integrating capacity, sequence (manual stop)
Volume Range 0.1 ∼ 999.9 L 0.1 ∼ 9999.9 L
Files Storage 5
Flow Channels 2
Operation Temp. Humidity Range 10 ∼ 35 °C (10 ∼ 30 °C) , 20 ∼ 80 % RH (No condensation)
Power Supply DC12 V (AC adaptor: AC100-240 V 50/60 Hz)
Power Consumption DC12 V: 0.5 A
AC100 V: 0.15A
AC220 V:0.08 A
DC12 V: 0.9 A
AC100 V: 0.2 A
AC220 V:0.1 A
Weight 3 kg approx.
Dimension 260(W)x 230(D)x 99(H)mm

sample pump TD
    Loading TD tubes
  loading from sample bag for TD
         Loading from sample bag

Part Numbers:
2702-17582   Sampling Pump SP209-100Dual
2702-17583   Sampling Pump SP209-1000Dual
2702-35475   Temperature/Humidity sensor for SP209
2702-37632   SP209Dual Filter Element
2702-35470   PC Configuration Software SP209 Assistant
2702-35457   Flow-meter Communication Cables for SP209Dual
3001-11541   SP209 Dual Piping Kit (set of tubings and couplings)